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How the Weather Impacts Florida Homes

by Ann A Harris 09/27/2020

 Photo by Dimitris Vetsikas via Pixabay

There’s nothing like the South Florida sun, right? The beauty of the water, sandy beaches and plenty of things to do. Those are just a few reasons why Miami continues to be a popular destination – not only to visit, but to live as well. People see all the storms and inclement weather occurring during certain times of the year and constantly wonder if it’s worth it. Truthfully, that depends on whom you ask. Here’s why:


When the weather’s good, Miami is an amazing place to be. There’s nothing like being able to enjoy warm weather all year. On the flip side, when it’s time for storms and rain, Miami is almost never spared. You may have a year where it rains on almost every major holiday during the spring and summer. Then, you have hurricane season until the end of November.


Miami is a diverse environment where people are exposed to different cultures, food and people. Where else in the world will you find 7 or 8 different nationalities at one time? It’s a great place to learn how to understand other people and learn new things.


South Florida is a melting pot with shops and businesses from all over the world. Almost every major designer has a store in Miami, and if you’re looking for art and eclectic furniture, it’s the perfect place to find what you’re looking for. Florida has no taxes, so that’s just another reason and advantage for small business owners.

There are some years where you don’t hear anything about hurricanes or tropical storms. Then, there are the years where every week there’s some new threat brewing. It makes you question whether Miami or South Florida is really worth it. For those who can’t seem to get enough of the area, it’s a no brainer – it’s well worth it to them. If you’re ready to put up hurricane shutters, stand in line for gas and food at the grocery store, and make sure you have an emergency plan in place, Miami’s ready for you.

While many may see it as a negative, once you become a local, the word hurricane will make you listen to hear the category, but eventually it becomes a way of life. Natives and locals watch the news and say, “Oh, it’s just a Cat 1 or 2. We’re good.” There are some that leave and never look back, but the pros quickly outweigh the cons. Ready to make a change? Welcome home!

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